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The Business World Needs Digital Risk Leadership to be Secure

At ISTARI, we believe that investing in collective wisdom and promoting knowledge sharing as a community can accelerate the path towards greater digital and business resilience. Cybersecurity is one of the most systematically important challenges facing business leaders today. No single entity can solve cybersecurity alone in a globally interconnected world. Continual learning and leadership development are critical to staying at the forefront of the industry as the threat landscape evolves. 

ISTARI Navigator - Americas

The ISTARI NAVIGATOR program offers a deep immersion into the strategic cyber and digital risk implications facing US businesses today. Working closely with Columbia University, we've created a unique, immersive 6-month program featuring 4 days of in-person training, coupled with 3 virtual sessions, available to cyber and digital risk leaders.

Navigator Programme

The Compass

The Compass is designed to be an exclusive community of trusted peers who are personally invited to join the group. It is focused on providing a space for strategic insights and in-depth discussion on the most pressing and important cyber resilience issues facing cybersecurity leaders. By using the convening power of the ISTARI Collective, we are able to bring world-class experts to the table.

The Compass Website

Key Benefits

Training from industry experts

World-class training is only possible with world-class thought leaders. Each course curriculum has been shaped and led by industry experts and practitioners.

Immersive learning experience

Through live events and online training programmes, you will explore ideas ranging from developing a world-class cyber resilience strategy, to navigating the challenges posed by advanced cyber attackers to honing your communications skills to influence critical business decisions.

Peer networking

On each program, you will join an intimate group of like-minded peers and thought leaders to drive the cyber resilience conversation in your business – and beyond.

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17 May 2022

ISTARI Voices: Demystifying Zero Trust - Ep 112 Samuel Hill

In this episode we talk with Samuel Hill, Director of Product Marketing at Medigate by Claroty about the challenges of medical device visibility and the importance of Zero Trust in the medical IoT space.

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Cyber resilience in a multi-cloud environment

16 May 2022

Cyber resilience in a multi-cloud environment

JD Sherry explains how cyber breaches will increasingly take advantage of gaps in poorly architected multi-cloud infrastructure. 

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ISTARI Voices: Demystifying Zero Trust - Ep 111 Micah Heaton

5 May 2022

ISTARI Voices: Demystifying Zero Trust - Ep 111 Micah Heaton

In this second part of 2, we continue the discussion with Micah Heaton, M365 XDR Solutions Director at BlueVoyant about the value of the Microsoft security stack and Zero Trust in the enterprise.

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