The ISTARI Academy

Reach the highest level of digital leadership to grow your business with confidence.

The combination of rapid digitalisation, changing geopolitical dynamics and increased challenges from the threat landscape makes long-term digital resilience a strategic imperative.

Our belief is that digital resilience is built from the combined power of talent, knowledge and technology. At ISTARI, we are tackling these issues to create lasting impact for our clients. To address the talent and expertise gap, we have created the ISTARI Academy to teach the skills and knowledge required to grow your business with confidence in the digital era. This world-leading initiative comprises three levels of education: Navigator for experienced professionals, Horizons for future leaders and CEO Forum for top executives leading the digital transformation of their organisations.

Digital Risk Leadership Programme

10 Dec 2020 – 11 Aug 2021

Created in collaboration with Columbia University, the Digital Risk Leadership Program is an 8-session virtual program offering a deep immersion into the strategic digital risk implications facing Asian businesses today.

Connect with digital risk leaders like yourself and explore ideas on digital risk management strategies, challenges of the illegal economy, and change leadership.


Navigator: executive programme

Autumn 2021

From building a culture of cyber awareness to engaging and influencing the C-Suite and board on cyber strategy, this immersive course will deepen your understanding of cyber resilience and digital risk management at the highest level to help your business thrive.


Horizons: for future leaders

Launching next year

Prepare for the next step in your career by developing the foundational skills of digital risk management, understanding cybersecurity best practices and learning the core principles of digital resilience.


CEO Forum

Launching next year

The most advanced chief executives recognise the business imperative of digital risk management. To help you effectively lead your organisation in the digital era, this unique forum will help demystify core concepts, enable better decision-making and give you access to some of the best cyber minds in the industry.

CEO Forum

Key Benefits

Training from industry experts

World-class training is only possible with world-class thought leaders. Each course curriculum has been shaped and led by industry experts and practitioners.

Immersive learning experience

Through live lectures, seminars, breakout groups, and online sessions, you will explore ideas ranging from developing a world-class cyber resilience strategy, to navigating the challenges posed by advanced cyber attackers to honing your communications skills to influence critical business decisions.

Peer networking

On each program, you will join an intimate group of like-minded peers and thought leaders to drive the cyber resilience conversation in your business – and beyond.

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