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What is the value in securing an organisation's operational technology (OT)?

The ideal, resilient critical operational environment balances uptime, safety, data loss prevention & security in the face of cyber attacks.

Digitalisation in the industrial sector is transforming operational effectiveness and its risk landscape. Operators need to strengthen their OT security capabilities to enhance resilience. Through a programmatic approach, deploying robust OT security in their ecosystem can protect their assets and data and prevent escalating crises.


Aligning OT security with IT security

Achieving OT security requires not just deploying technologies but also aligning teams and processes. Differing priorities between OT and IT security are common, and new stakeholders from Operations and Engineering change the traditional ‘Enterprise’ security agenda. Meanwhile, IT teams must also adopt operationally-hardened procedures in industrial environments.

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Business leadership and co-ownership are essential to define outcomes, risk appetite, timeline & budgets

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OT/IT convergence requires visibility of assets & adjusting security measures, along with a strong and aligned operating model

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Ecosystem security (including third parties in your supply chain) is the ultimate goal

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OT security is a journey, rarely a stand-alone project

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Preconditions to success include a solid blueprint & programme parameters enabled by fit-for-purpose governance

Best-practice OT security programme

OT security implementation directly depends on:


The solidity of joint governance over assets and data


The understanding - ideally, quantified - of risk and risk appetite


A target state (baseline, blueprint, to-be architecture, etc.) as appropriate


A roadmap with business and technology milestones towards outcome

A closer look at the OT security blueprint

An OT security blueprint should be modular and reflect successive iterations as an organisation completes it. The blueprint indicates an organisational starting point and targets over time: the resilience agenda and landscape resulting from a merger differs from a mature global supply & manufacturing centre.


How can ISTARI help?

Increased Collaboration

Create visibility across OT/IT assets & network flows

Risk Threshold Assessment

Update baseline of threats to assure accurate risk posture, control gaps & quantify cyber risk - extending this to key supply chain participants over time

Programme Design & Execution

Orchestrate & run an accelerated global program to address prioritised gaps

Ongoing Monitoring

Continuously monitor OT environment & improve resilience

Crisis Intervention

Contain, respond to & resolve the crisis in the event of an OT environment breach

Role Assignments

Help to establish clear responsibilities & accountability

Get experts to help secure your critical operational environment