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We want you to have an intensive, challenging and empowering experience with incredible breadth and depth that will propel your potential and the businesses we serve.

Whether at ISTARI or one of our portfolio companies, you'll have the freedom, support and platform to write the most meaningful chapter of your career story.


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A more digitally resilient future for business. 


We navigate our clients on their journey towards digital resilience. 


We harness the collective power of talent, capital and capabilities to drive cyber innovation.


Our Values

Collective Power

We believe in the power of the collective. No one is safe until everyone is safe. Together, we are stronger. For resilience is a team sport. But making the whole greater than the sum of the parts takes commitment. We stay closely connected, we are inclusive and we trust one another. Collaboration is the key to strengthening the collective and defines our way of working.

Lasting Impact

We create lasting impact for clients every day, every step of their journey towards digital resilience. Everything we do starts and ends with our clients and their best interests. That directs how we invest and help grow our portfolio to better serve them. We build long-term, trusted relationships by delivering on what we promise and by keeping lasting impact as our guiding principle.


To us, decency is a verb. It’s about doing the right thing and calling it out when something’s not right. Even in the heat of debate, our mutual respect is ever present. We listen and learn before we act. Integrity, humility, ethics and respect are the points on our compass.


Our culture is collective. We achieve great things collectively whilst having fun getting them done. We grow and learn from each other whilst celebrating as one. Together, we move fast and make things happen. And we all take ownership of ISTARI’s success. United, the collective is resilient and stronger than the sum of its parts.

How to thrive at ISTARI

Everyone at ISTARI has the opportunity to write a chapter of our growth story and accelerate our business.

There’s no room at the inn for the org chartists, the hierarchists, the politicians, bureaucrats or busybodies. For we believe in outcomes, not busywork. That’s how we create a more secure digital future for business.