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A more connected future demands a more connected response.

This is where our story begins

Today’s stark reality is that as businesses accelerate the pace of their digital transformations, threats posed by bad actors become increasingly more varied and sophisticated and Cyber Resilience has become a top business imperative. CEOs and boards know that it is a complex challenge that brings potential financial, operational and reputational risk. Fragmentation and churn, as well the cyber talent gap, exacerbate the problem.

However, businesses can turn this risk into opportunity. ISTARI’s goal is to use the collective power of our experts, capabilities, perspectives and innovation to improve our clients’ cyber resilience and de-risk their market engagement. 

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Our Name

We took inspiration from Tolkien to name our company.   He wrote about a group of wizards, wise and forward-looking; they were navigators helping people on difficult journeys.  They were called the ISTARI.

At ISTARI our mission is to help our clients navigate the ever-shifting challenges of the cyber resilience journey and partner with them to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world and achieve business success.

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