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Why must every organisation prepare for a cyber crisis?

Cyberattacks are predictable surprises. Is your organisation prepared?

AT ISTARI, we believe preparedness is the cornerstone of resilience.

We have first-hand experience managing organisations through serious cyber crises.

That experience has taught us two key truths:


A crisis is not a static event but a dynamic period where an organisation can do much right or wrong.


Neither is a crisis an IT event. Business is impacted far more than what is typically expected.

The business necessity

In a crisis, organisations face the unthinkable. When an attack occurs, every second makes a difference. Those that do not have a cyber crisis preparedness plan in place risk severe consequences.

Investing time and resources in a planned response is imperative to help your organisation be prepared to respond appropriately and promptly and communicate clearly.

Evidence suggests that how companies respond to a cyber attack greatly influences how investors react. A plan can make the difference between an organisation surviving or thriving.

Moreover, cyber crisis management can be the catalyst for building general resilience and preparedness.

Crisis Response Impact

How can ISTARI help?

Establish Cyber Crisis Management Team

Pre-assign delegated authority to make decisions in consultation with relevant parties

Define Crown Jewels and Risk Scenarios

Discuss and align on crown jewels, key cyber risks, crisis scenarios & cyber strategy

Update Standard Operating Procedures

Develop cyber crisis management executive plans & update technical incident playbooks


Train incident response team & executive management team (e.g., tabletop exercises, practice scenarios)

Prepare your cyber crisis response today.