Before ISTARI invested in Axio, it had already started on its journey of building the best CRQ capability to help clients move to a risk-based approach to cyber resilience.

Just a few years later, we are proud to share that Axio has been recognised as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Cyber Risk Quantification, Q3 2023.

Here is a glimpse into how they got here:

Two years ago, we first spoke with Forrester research analysts about cyber risk quantification (CRQ). Security professionals have always had strong opinions on its usefulness and value in the market. Everybody runs cybersecurity programs differently. The common thread in the community has always been about alleviating the complexity and increasing the visibility of defence. The appeal to cyber risk quantification has always been the outcome of better spending your next dollar to stay secure.

Our track record and heritage set us apart in the CRQ space

Cyber risk quantification is just one of several core elements in our product. In addition to CRQ, our integrated software platform supports cybersecurity assessment, cybersecurity program planning, and insurance stress testing.

We have been delivering the value of CRQ to our clients since the founding of Axio, initially using spreadsheets and ultimately using our Axio360 software platform – the product evaluated in support of the Forrester report issued today. We wrote the textbook on cybersecurity resilience (CERT-RMM) before cyber resilience was even a talking point in the industry at large. Today, the world’s most popular risk assessment frameworks are based on their foundation, which we proudly support today in the Axio360 platform.

In those early days, we recognised the importance of CRQ in our work with critical infrastructure companies with both IT and OT cyber risk exposure. Axio CRQ enables our clients to gain enormous insight and value from even a single day of inquiry and analysis. It allows them to make sound decisions on priorities and investments to protect and sustain their most critical operations.

Our conversations with Forrester continued through 2021 as low-probability, high-impact cyber-attacks shook the world to its core. Many of the victims were in critical infrastructure, one of our domains of expertise. The White House responded with new initiatives, and board members and CEOs began to prioritise the importance of understanding cybersecurity in non-technical terms. This is where Axio360’s CRQ solution got to shine.

We had the opportunity to showcase how our product works to model the same cyber threat scenarios on everyone’s minds. We believe nobody can do it faster with more transparency and ease.

Forrester’s recognition fills us with immense validation of our heritage and reinforces our commitment to our unified vision of risk management, usability, and community building.


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