NEW YORK, March 29, 2023--NanoLock Security, a leading provider of device-level, zero-trust OT protection for industrial manufacturing lines and machines, and ISTARI, a Temasek-founded global cybersecurity firm dedicated to helping clients build cyber resilience, today announced a strategic collaboration to deliver NanoLock’s industrial product suite to ISTARI’s worldwide clients as part of their global strategy.

The partnership will enable ISTARI's clients, which include large enterprises in critical infrastructure sectors such as manufacturing, energy and utilities, gas and water, chemicals, and pharma, to utilize NanoLock as part of ISTARI's OT cybersecurity solutions suite. Moreover, the device-level prevention offered by NanoLock will ensure vendor-agnostic protection for both new and legacy OT assets against both external and internal cyber threats.

The exponential growth of cyber-attacks in manufacturing, energy and industrial sectors across the world, coupled with the rise in insider events, has created an urgent need for zero-trust cyber protection at the device and machine level.

In response, the U.S. Federal Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published new guidance, "Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Security" (NIST SP 800-82r3), which calls for the protection of individual OT components (devices) from exploitation. This follows the best practice examples of the recent updates to the Codes of Practice for Critical Infrastructure (CSA CCoP 2.0) issued by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, urging device-level critical OT assets protection, and the new European Union regulation, NIS2, which explicitly requires the adoption of active cyber protection and prevention, as well as cyber hygiene practices, such as zero-trust principle and device configuration.

NanoLock’s zero-trust industrial product suite protects industrial manufacturing at the device and machine level, with no impact on performance and functionality. With NanoLock, ISTARI’s industrial clients will be able to protect their production environments from external and internal cyber threats, including OT ransomware, malware events, credential misuse, third-party service providers, employee negligence, and human errors.

“Our mission is to support our clients’ journey towards cyber resilience by architecting and orchestrating the most innovative and effective solutions on the market - no one suite covers it all,” said Abel Archundia, Managing Director, Global Advisory & Life Sciences and Industrials for ISTARI. “NanoLock’s product suite provides leading industrial and manufacturing clients the capability to deliver device-level zero-trust protection for new and legacy machinery, with no impact on performance and functionality, which is what our clients need.”

“Energy, food and beverage, and manufacturing companies are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks from outsiders and insiders,” said Eran Fine, Co-founder and CEO of NanoLock. “We’re deeply honored that ISTARI has chosen to offer NanoLock’s industrial product suite, alongside solutions from their portfolio companies, to protect OT manufacturing environments from the ever-growing cyber threats.”