ISTARI Standard Client Terms



We set out below our standard terms of business.  This is to affirm our commitment and transparency to you as a trusted advisor.

Our role unless mutually agreed otherwise is to assist you in your journey towards digital resilience by presenting you, if we believe that these are suitable for your particular needs and purposes, with opportunities to procure cyber security products and services from one or more members of the ISTARI Collective of cyber security companies (in which we and/or other Temasek companies may hold investments).

If you buy any cyber security product or service from any member of the ISTARI Collective, you will enter into a contract with them.  If you do, they may pay us for having referred you to them.

We recognise the importance of protecting your confidential information whether received from you or from any member of the ISTARI Collective.  We will hold any such information in confidence save as required by a court or regulator in accordance with applicable law.

We may use your confidential information for the purposes of assisting you as described above, furthering our relationship with you and understanding the products and services you receive from, and the fees you pay to, any members of the ISTARI Collective.

If you share personal data with us for the purposes described in these terms we will be a Data Controller and process it in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws. For more details about how we collect, process and protect personal data you share with us please refer to our Privacy Notice [here].

Through receiving and using your information accordingly, this may assist us to develop know-how, products and services.  We are entitled to apply any such developments for our clients and affiliates generally, subject to ensuring that the developments do not directly or indirectly reveal any confidential information that is not anonymized or that identifies or is attributable to you or any data subject of yours.

Our liability to you and any related persons claiming from us in respect of our involvement as described above will not exceed an amount equal to any income we receive from any members of the ISTARI Collective in respect of your purchases.

By using our services and/or entering into an agreement with any member of the ISTARI Collective we introduce to you, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms.

For the purposes of this document, “ISTARI”, “we” and “us” mean any and all of ISTARI Global Ltd, ISTARI Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd, ISTARI International (UK) Limited and ISTARI International (US) LLC (and any foreign branches and permanent establishments (or similar) of the aforementioned companies).

These terms apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and do not apply to the extent inconsistent with applicable law.