Article 1 was written by Artificial Intelligence! (Top Three Use Cases for AI in Cybersecurity) 

This is how we did it. We first created an account on OpenAI, which is required to use ChatGPT – their chatbot.

We then wrote the following prompt into the chat box:

Can you write a 600 word summary of this article?

This gave us a succinct summary of the article (see screenshot below).

We then realised that the article was written in American English, so we asked ChatGPT to rewrite it using British English spelling, which gave us the final output. 


We then needed a short, 60-word description of the article for our email, so we asked the Chatbot to write that also: 

The AI went a bit over with the word count, so we asked for a shorter summary. The output was, again, American English spelling, so we asked for a British English version:

That gave us all we needed - with one exception. We needed an image to accompany the summary article. 

We also turned to AI for that and used DALL·E 2 - also from OpenAI. We asked it to create an image, similar in style of the illustrations that Harvard Business Review uses for their articles: 

Create an illustration about AI and cybersecurity similar to the images on

The AI took a few seconds to think and gave us four illustrations, of which we chose the first. 

This gave us everything we needed!

Did you guess correctly? Let us know!