Insights: Operational Technology

Zero Trust

11.2021 . Articles

Operational Technology and Zero Trust

Zero Trust, otherwise known as zero trust architecture (ZTA), is a shift in the way we think about security.

Perspective Image Getting Cybersecurity Right for Manufacturing

06.2021 . Perspectives

Getting Cybersecurity Right for Manufacturing

As industrial companies merge their information technologies with operational technologies, they need to foster more collaboration and refocus on building digital resilience.

BY Abel Archundia
Operational Technology

Clinical Trial Data

06.2021 . Articles

Keeping Clinical Trial Data Safe – Handling Cybersecurity in a Risky World

The development of vaccines for COVID-19 has been a masterclass in effective collaboration and applied digitisation in healthcare. However the increased complexity and involvement of different parties, exposes drug development to heightened threat levels.

BY Abel Archundia
Operational Technology

Cybersecurity Efficacy

10.2020 . Articles

Is Cybersecurity The 'New Market For Lemons'?

Is cybersecurity the new “market for lemons”? Reporting findings from interviews with more than 100 business and cybersecurity leaders.

BY Joe Hubback
Operational Technology


Autonomous vehicle

10.2020 .

Top 5 Threat Vectors in Connected Cars and How to Combat Them

Plug-in electric and at least partially autonomous connected cars are a common sight on roads around the world.