Insights: Crisis Preparedness

10.2022 . Perspectives

Cyber Crisis Preparedness: How To Craft a Winning Playbook

Organisations deal with crises differently. In some, chaos and disorder sprawl, whereas others seem to operate out of an in-built calmness that enables them to rise to the challenges presented. No organisation that suffers a serious cyberattack can rely on the hope that its people will just cope. Instead, it needs a playbook and routines to stress test that.

BY Jo De Vliegher and Andy France
Crisis Preparedness


Incident Response

09.2022 . Articles

How To Prepare For A Cyber Crisis

Organisations have varied ways of dealing with crises - cyber attacks or otherwise. As a result, some are overcome with chaos and disorder, whereas others display professional composure and can rise to challenges.

BY Jo De Vliegher
Crisis Preparedness

Norsk Hydro

11.2021 . Articles

Norsk Hydro Probe Shows Slow Pace of International Ransomware Cases

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro AS A waited 2½ years for police to apprehend people suspected of launching a crippling ransomware attack on the company in March 2019.