Insights: Cyber Resilience

09.2022 . Articles

Why is Ukraine still online?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year set in motion the most devastating example of combined kinetic and cyberattacks the world has seen. Despite this, Ukraine remains online, how is this possible? 

Zero Trust v2

08.2022 . Articles

Building a Secure Healthcare Organisation through Zero Trust

The time has come for the healthcare industry to pivot from traditional cybersecurity approaches to Zero Trust, lowering cost and complexity, and enabling the free and secure exchange of data amongst healthcare professionals and organisations. 

BY Don O'Neil
Cyber Resilience

Clinical Trial Data Safety

12.2021 . Articles

Cyber resilience will need to be taken more seriously by healthcare in 2022

Abel Archundia, managing director, global life sciences & industrials at ISTARI Global, discusses the need for the healthcare sector to focus more on cyber resilience in 2022, to unlock better health outcomes.

BY Abel Archundia
Cyber Resilience

Norsk Hydro

11.2021 . Articles

Norsk Hydro Probe Shows Slow Pace of International Ransomware Cases

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro AS A waited 2½ years for police to apprehend people suspected of launching a crippling ransomware attack on the company in March 2019.

A CEO Perspective on cyber resilience

09.2021 . Perspectives

A CEO and Investor's View on Cybersecurity and Resilience

CHIA Song Hwee, Deputy CEO of Temasek, recognises the growing cyber threats, and the less obvious benefits for companies that make cybersecurity a strategic asset. He believes that companies can turn their defensive investment in cybersecurity into business opportunities, but a mindset shift is required.

BY CHIA Song Hwee and Dr. Manuel Hepfer
Cyber Resilience Leadership & Strategy

Gaining Competitve Advantage from Cybersecurity Image

05.2021 . Perspectives

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Cybersecurity

Can cybersecurity be a source of competitive advantage? This seems like a brand new question, but it is not.