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Together, we are stronger. Using the skills and experts across the ISTARI network, we examine the technology, operations and context of your business to manage your cyber risk.

ISTARI is a network of innovative cyber companies.


Sygnia is a cyber technology and services company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support for organisations worldwide. Sygnia works with companies to proactively build their cyber resilience and to respond and defeat attacks within their networks.

It is the trusted advisor and cyber security service provider of IT and security teams, senior managements and boards of top organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies.

Described by Forbes as a “cyber security delta force”, the company is committed to the highest standards of professional excellence, client focus and absolute confidentiality. It applies technological supremacy, a deep understanding of attackers, digital combat experience and a business driven approach, to enable organisations to excel in the age of cyber.

Sygnia draws on top talent from the ranks of elite military technology units and from across the cyber industry. Its teams are comprised of experts with robust experience at the forefront of cyber. The company recruits only top talent, applies a hands-on approach, and works in close collaboration with IT, security teams and management, in managing risk, supporting digital transformation and meeting the challenges of cyber.

Sygnia was launched with Team8, a cyber powerhouse and foundry, and since October 2018 it is a Team8 and a Temasek International company.

Ensign InfoSecurity

Ensign InfoSecurity is the largest pure-play end-to-end cyber security service provider in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Ensign offers bespoke solutions and services to address their clients’ cyber security needs.

Ensign’s core competencies are in the provision of cybersecurity advisory and assurance services, architecture design and systems integration services and managed security services for advanced threat detection, threat hunting, and incident response. Underpinning these competencies is in-house research and development in cybersecurity. Ensign has two decades of proven track record as a trusted and relevant service provider, serving clients from the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific region. 

Blue Voyant

BlueVoyant is an expert-driven cyber security services company whose mission is to proactively defend organisations of all sizes against today's constant, sophisticated attackers and advanced threats.

Led by CEO Jim Rosenthal, BlueVoyant’s highly skilled team includes former government cyber officials with extensive frontline experience in responding to advanced cyber threats on behalf of the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unit 8200 and GCHQ, together with private sector experts. BlueVoyant services utilise large real-time datasets with industry leading analytics and technologies.

Founded in 2017 by Fortune 500 executives and former Government cyber officials and headquartered in New York City, BlueVoyant has offices in Maryland, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, London and Latin America.


D’Crypt is a high value design and development house that works with customers to deliver cryptographic technology and components that become integral to information security appliances, systems and applications.

With their extensive technology development program, they pride themselves with being able to supply a variety of different technologies in the field of information security that have immediate practical use, and are full system secure.


Claroty bridges the industrial cybersecurity gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments.

Organisations with highly automated production sites and factories that face significant security and financial risk especially need to bridge this gap. Armed with Claroty’s converged IT/OT solutions, these enterprises and critical infrastructure operators can leverage their existing IT security processes and technologies to improve the availability, safety, and reliability of their OT assets and networks seamlessly and without requiring downtime or dedicated teams. The result is more uptime and greater efficiency across business and production operations.

Backed and adopted by leading industrial automation vendors, Claroty is deployed on all seven continents globally. The company is headquartered in New York City and has received $100 million in funding since being launched by the famed Team8 foundry in 2015.


IronNet believes that Collective Defence – where entities from the private and public sectors work together to protect against highly sophisticated attackers – is the best line of defence.

Collective Defense represents a radically different approach to cybersecurity by breaking down the silos that historically have provided individual entities with only a narrow view of the threat landscape. This limited visibility makes it very difficult, nearly impossible, to understand the offensive strategy at play or to map out the best defensive plan to stop the bad actors and mitigate threats quickly.

Founded by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, IronNet brings together a team of highly experienced strategic, operational and technical cybersecurity experts to develop and deliver outstanding cybersecurity products and services. IronNet’s goal is to "continue the mission" that General Alexander led for the U.S. for many years: securing nations and critical industry sectors in cyberspace through Collective Defense.

Using complex behavioural modeling, big-data analytics and advanced computing capabilities, IronNet provides best-in-class cyber defense based on advanced threat detection and machine-time knowledge sharing. The result is unprecedented network visibility; early threat awareness; and targeted, business-informed mitigation actions. IronNet offers a Collective Defense solution through anonymized sharing and correlating cyber threat and event data across multiple organisations to provide sector-wide and nation-wide real-time threat visibility.


Armis is the leading agentless, enterprise-class device security platform, designed to protect organisations from cyber threats created by the onslaught of unmanaged and IoT devices.

Armis provides passive and unparalleled asset inventory, risk management, and detection & response. Core to their platform is the Armis Device Knowledgebase. It is the world’s largest cloud-based, crowd-source device behaviour knowledgebase tracking 280 millions devices, and growing. Armis tracks device behaviour, connections, and history, letting us compare real-time device behaviour to “known-good” baseline, identifying policy violations, misconfigurations, or abnormal behaviour. When a device acts suspiciously or maliciously, Armis can disconnect or quarantine the device. Armis is a privately held company and headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Supported by these VC funds

Ten Eleven

Ten Eleven is a specialised venture capital firm dedicated to helping cybersecurity companies thrive.

Ten Eleven supports cybersecurity entrepreneurs with the capital, connections, and expertise that only a specialised security firm can. After years of working on the front lines of cybersecurity companies in operating roles and as board members, the partners at Ten Eleven have built a trusted network of thought leaders across the industry. The firm invests globally and at all stages, from seed to growth (the latter via its Joint Investment Alliance with KKR).


ClearSky is a venture capital/growth equity firm that has been operating since 2012 with offices in Florida, New York, Boston and San Francisco.

ClearSky is currently investing through two funds: ClearSky Power & Technology and ClearSky Security. ClearSky Power & Technology invests in innovative companies providing technology and services to enterprise customers, with a special focus on the power sector. ClearSky Security invests in companies that offer transformative security solutions, with a special focus on cybersecurity, industrial security and critical infrastructure security.

Team 8

Team8 is a company-building venture group with deep domain expertise in enterprise technology, data, AI and cybersecurity.

The Team8 model integrates its in-house team of company builders with a dedicated community of C-level industry executives and thought leaders, to surface challenges, ideate solutions, and then validate and accelerate their success. The company is organised to support entrepreneurs with the expertise, resources and infrastructure they need at every stage of their company’s development, including technology, market validation and talent acquisition. Team8’s recently launched investment division.  Bringing unparalleled expertise in data science, AI and cybersecurity, Team8’s leadership team represents serial entrepreneurs, investors and the former leadership of Israel’s elite tech and intelligence Unit 8200.

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