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CISO reporting structures

08.2021 . Perspectives

Where Should the CISO Report?

Companies continue to seek the optimal place in the organisation for their chief information security officer (CISO). But equally important and often left unaddressed are proper governance and board-level oversight.

BY Lou Baran , Abel Archundia and Dr. Manuel Hepfer
Leadership & Strategy Risk & Governance


Gaining Competitve Advantage from Cybersecurity Image

05.2021 . Perspectives

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Cybersecurity

Can cybersecurity be a source of competitive advantage? This seems like a brand new question, but it is not.

04.2021 . Perspectives

Strengthen the CORE: A Framework for CEOs to Build Cyber-Resilient Organisations

Leaders can use our CORE-S framework as a simple self-assessment tool to help track their initiatives and strengthen their organisations’ cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity Efficacy

10.2020 . Articles

Is Cybersecurity The 'New Market For Lemons'?

Is cybersecurity the new “market for lemons”? Reporting findings from interviews with more than 100 business and cybersecurity leaders.

BY Joe Hubback
Leadership & Strategy