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The State of Supply Chain Defense

This global report surveyed 2,100 people involved in managing supply chain risk for their organisation, asking them how they are developing effective third-party cyber risk management.

ISTARI Spotlight Mitigate Enterprise Software Supply Chain Security Risks Gartner

02.2024 . Spotlight

Mitigate Enterprise Software Supply Chain Security Risks

Digital supply chains are even more opaque than physical ones, and software supply chain attacks are on the rise: 61% of US businesses were impacted in the year up to April 2023.


02.2024 . Spotlight

Supply Chain Security Guidance (NCSC)

Because supply chains are so far-reaching and complex, there are myriad opportunities for vulnerabilities to surface and bad actors to emerge.

ISTARI Spotlight World Economic Forum

01.2024 . Spotlight

Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

What are the biggest cybersecurity trends and threats of 2024? According to the WEF report, a major issue is the widening inequity in cyber preparedness among businesses.

ISTARI Spotlight CSO Online

01.2024 . Spotlight

Deepfakes Emerge as a Top Security Threat Ahead of the 2024 US Elections

AI and misinformation are the biggest risks in the WEF cybersecurity outlook.

ISTARI Spotlight Nature

01.2024 . Spotlight

The Foreign Influence Campaign in the 2016 US Election and Its Impact on Behaviour

  Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that Russia attempted to influence the results of the 2016 US election using social media.

ISTARI Spotlight Economists the world ahead

12.2023 . Spotlight

The World Ahead – Ten Trends to Watch in 2024

The article from The Economist editor, Tom Standage, introduces the rapidly changing global landscape of 2023 and anticipates ten key trends for 2024.

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