Cybersecurity Money

04.2023 . Spotlight

2022 Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Survey

Heidrick & Struggles conducted a survey of 327 CISOs across a range of industries to gain insight into the structure of these roles, who is filling them, and their compensation.

Workforce v2

04.2023 . Spotlight

The Cybersecurity Workforce Study

Despite the fact that the number of people employed in cybersecurity is at an all-time high, a shortfall of around 3. 4 million workers remains.


04.2023 . Spotlight

2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The big cybersecurity challenges of securing an organisation and building resilience are compounded by difficulties in finding and retaining cybersecurity staff: 67% of global leaders in IT and cyber concerned about this skills gap.

Geopolitical Lens

02.2023 . Spotlight

A Geopolitical Lens For Cybersecurity

Cyber warfare is not simply conducted between nations anymore. Private companies have become potential pawns on the geopolitical chessboard. What does this mean for them?

Cyber Diplomacy

02.2023 . Spotlight

The 5x5 – The Future of Cyber Diplomacy

The cyber domain is the newest domain of conflict and cooperation. As such, it doesn’t yet have mutually agreed upon rules and norms. The Atlantic Council has brought together leading experts to discuss cyber diplomacy and what the future of cyber statecraft might look like.

Digital World

02.2023 . Spotlight

The Geopolitics of Cybersecurity

Singapore has a special place in the world of geopolitics, often seen as the bridge between east and west. What is the Singapore’s cybersecurity agency’s view on geopolitics and cyber?



Security Budget Benchmark Summary Report 2022

This report surveyed more than 600 security executives to benchmark their cybersecurity budgets against industry and company size. Is your company’s cyber budget below, or above the industry average?

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