ISTARI The Misinformation Susceptibility Test

07.2023 . Spotlight

The Misinformation Susceptibility Test

Psychologists at the University of Cambridge developed a quiz that seeks to uncover the extent to which people will fall for fake news headlines.


06.2023 . Spotlight

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

The widely held notion of personal resilience centres around soldiering on even when success seems impossible. But in fact, scientific evidence disproves this idea.

ransomware negotiation v2

06.2023 . Spotlight

Can You Negotiate Your Way Out of a Ransomware Attack?

Have you ever had to negotiate ransom demands with hackers? I haven’t.

Armed Conflict

06.2023 . Spotlight

The Evolution of Cyber Operations in Armed Conflict

Hybrid warfare is nothing new: it’s the use of nonmilitary tactics alongside conventional kinetic warfare to achieve foreign policy goals.

Uber Breach

05.2023 . Spotlight

What Executives Should Take From Ex-Uber Security Chief Joe Sullivan's Sentence

The Uber trial highlighted that security chiefs are being asked to walk a tightrope. So what should they take from the Joe Sullivan’s sentence?

Legal Risks

05.2023 . Spotlight

A CISO’s Guide - Legal Risks and Liabilities

How can CISOs protect themselves from future lawsuits? Robust documentation, clear communication, and thorough diligence all play a pivotal role.


05.2023 . Spotlight

2023 Voice of the CISO

Almost two thirds of CISOs (61%) agree that they face excessive expectations. CISOs are stressed out and concerned about their personal liability. A new survey highlights that these pressures often lead to burnout.

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