ISTARI Spotlight Googles cybersecurity predictions

12.2023 . Spotlight

Cybersecurity Forecast 2024, Insights for Future Planning

Google’s 2024 cybersecurity forecasting report delves into how generative AI and large language models (LLMs) will enhance phishing and social engineering operations by creating more convincing content, including voice and video.

ISTARI Spotlight How Yahoo Built a Culture of Cybersecurity

11.2023 . Spotlight

How Yahoo Built a Culture of Cybersecurity

Telling your employees to do something isn’t enough for them to change their behaviour. Think about cybersecurity awareness videos: they rarely lead to lasting behavioural change.

ISTARI Spotlight Size and Shape of Workforce Risk

11.2023 . Spotlight

The Size and Shape of Workforce Risk/High-Risk Users and Where to Find Them

Organisations sometimes paint all of their employees with the same brush when it comes to cybersecurity - after all, isn’t everyone at risk of causing a breach?  But as a matter of fact, many employees are…

ISTARI Spotlight Beating MFA Fatigue

11.2023 . Spotlight

Beating MFA Fatigue: Why Hackers Have Resorted to Prompt Bombing

Almost 60% of organisations use multi-factor authentication, making it a significant stumbling block for cybercriminals.

ISTARI Spotlight 202 Insider Threat Report

10.2023 . Spotlight

2023 Insider Threat Report

Based on 326 cybersecurity professionals, this survey uncovers the trends around insider threats and how organisations respond. It found heightened concern over the insider threat risk.

Article 2  McKinsey

10.2023 . Spotlight

McKinsey – Insider Threat: The Human Element of Cyberrisk

With 50% of cybersecurity breaches caused by insiders, many businesses are enacting blanket policies that monitor all of their employees to help tackle this risk.

ISTARI Spotlight Carnegie Mellon

10.2023 . Spotlight

Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats

This comprehensive report from Carnegie Mellon University (2022) analyses 3,000 cases of insider threat to provide 22 evidence-based best practices for organisations.

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