Cyber Recession Proof

01.2023 . Spotlight

Gartner: Security Spending To Rise Despite Recession Fears

While the rest of the business world holds its breath to see if 2023 will follow through on the heavily forecasted threat of an economic recession, this article highlights a Gartner prediction that cybersecurity is bucking the trend and heading for growth in 2023.

Cyber Recession

01.2023 . Spotlight

Four Reasons The Cybersecurity Sector Could Remain Recession-Resilient

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the economy as we enter 2023, this article claims that the cybersecurity sector will be uniquely positioned to withstand any economic storm, for four reasons.

AI in Cybersecurity

12.2022 . Spotlight

Top Three Use Cases for AI in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance cybersecurity by enabling organisations to detect and respond to threats, identify and prioritise vulnerabilities, and stay compliant with regulations. Learn about the three key use cases for AI in cybersecurity in this article.

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity

12.2022 . Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

AI’s speed and efficacy at identifying threats means it’s likely to become a cornerstone of successful cybersecurity. But technology is never a silver bullet - it’s a tool that needs to be carefully handled with a human touch.  

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OpenAI's New ChatGPT Bot: 10 Dangerous Things It's Capable Of

ChatGPT has stunned users with its creativity and eloquence - but the new chatbot has a dark side. From writing phishing emails to spreading misinformation, the tool’s skillful use of language can be exploited to cater to the worst instincts of people online.

Digital Trust

11.2022 . Spotlight

What Is Zero Trust and Will It Change Security Forever?

Zero Trust is emerging as a favoured solution to achieve better cybersecurity. The basic idea: Don’t trust any device on a network without continuous verification. Will it change the cybersecurity game?

Zerto Trust Adoption

11.2022 . Spotlight

Zero Trust Adoption Report

Companies are making progress in their zero trust journey, but many are less protected than they believe they are - and others face major barriers to adopting the technology. What are those?

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