Guard to Leader

10.2021 . Perspectives

From Guard to Leader: The Changing Role of the CISO

The role of the CISO is still early in its journey. As digitisation advances, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer must evolve to keep pace.

BY Professor David Fairman
Leadership & Strategy


A CEO Perspective on cyber resilience

09.2021 . Perspectives

A CEO and Investor's View on Cybersecurity and Resilience

CHIA Song Hwee, Deputy CEO of Temasek, recognises the growing cyber threats, and the less obvious benefits for companies that make cybersecurity a strategic asset. He believes that companies can turn their defensive investment in cybersecurity into business opportunities, but a mindset shift is required.

BY Dr. Manuel Hepfer and CHIA Song Hwee
Cyber Resilience Leadership & Strategy

CISO reporting structures

08.2021 . Perspectives

Where Should the CISO Report?

Companies continue to seek the optimal place in the organisation for their chief information security officer (CISO). But equally important and often left unaddressed are proper governance and board-level oversight.

BY Dr. Manuel Hepfer and Abel Archundia
Leadership & Strategy Risk & Governance

Perspective Image Getting Cybersecurity Right for Manufacturing

06.2021 . Perspectives

Getting Cybersecurity Right for Manufacturing

As industrial companies merge their information technologies with operational technologies, they need to foster more collaboration and refocus on building digital resilience.

BY Abel Archundia
Operational Technology


Gaining Competitve Advantage from Cybersecurity Image

05.2021 . Perspectives

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Cybersecurity

Can cybersecurity be a source of competitive advantage? This seems like a brand-new question, but it is not.

04.2021 . Perspectives

Strengthen the CORE: A Framework for CEOs to Build Cyber-Resilient Organisations

Leaders can use our CORE-S framework as a simple self-assessment tool to help track their initiatives and strengthen their organisations’ cyber resilience.

Perspective Image Navigate Your Digital Risk Landscape

04.2021 . Perspectives

Navigate Your Digital Risk Landscape

When it comes to digital risk management, only the most advanced senior leaders recognise the business imperative.

BY Joe Hubback
Risk & Governance


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